King Of Fighters Wing 1.2

King of fighters Wing 1.2

We decided to bring to your attention the King of Fighting Wing series starting with KOF Wing version 1.2 having in mind that this version brings the most important things we expect from an arcade fighting game: nice feeling of fighting, interesting skills/effects and good character definition/control .Version 1.2 of the King of Fighters Wing game delivered by flashwing has, comparing to the forerunner versions of KOF Wing 1.0/0.xx, new features.


1 Player W,A,S,D – to move.
         U – Weak Puch;  I – Weak Kick; U – Special1(Power)
         J – Heavy Punch; K – Heavy Kick; L- Special2(Duck)
2 Player Arrows – to move.
         4 – Weak Puch;  5 – Weak Kick; 6 – Special1(Power)
         1 – Heavy Punch; 2 – Heavy Kick; 3- Special2(Duck)

KOF-Wing 1.2 Update Information

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