King Of Fighters Wing 1.85

King Of Fighters Wing 1.85

Latest version of King of Fighters Wing series is 1.85 and it comes with some changes and optimization such as fixing Iori’s runing scene “fading” issue. Also new features have been added to Igniz (pressing O key before selecting your fighter will change the appearance), plus small adjustment to his skills. KOF Wing 1.85 is currently the most complete (untill now) and  played version of the series. We can’t wait to see version 1.9, new characters and improvements that the devs will bring on… Regarding the hacked versions, the decision of not including them on this site was taken due to the respect we have towards  the players and developers regarding this awesome brand.

1 Player W,A,S,D – to move.
         U – Weak Puch;  I – Weak Kick; U – Special1(Power)
         J – Heavy Punch; K – Heavy Kick; L- Special2(Duck)
2 Player Arrows – to move.
         4 – Weak Puch;  5 – Weak Kick; 6 – Special1(Power)
         1 – Heavy Punch; 2 – Heavy Kick; 3- Special2(Duck)


KOF-Wing 1.85 Update Information
  • Boss Igniz skill adjustment
  • Iori’s visual effect scene “fade” bug fixed
  • overall optimization


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